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       Welcome                   To  Hines Financial Group Inc.Strategies to Reduce Risk


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An Introduction to The HineSight Services

The Hinesight Process believes money should be maintained with care.    Through a careful analysis of a client's "Present Position", an understanding of how money works for each individual client is established and understood. 


By working together, a HineSight Process professional will assist you at building and creating Your efficient financial Model:


The HineSight Process will:

  1. Increase your wealth
  2. Decrease your risk in most cases, or maintain current risk
  3. Increase the benefits received from your money throughout your lifetime


4.  The benefits above are usually met with no additional outlay!



How to get started!


HINES FINANCIAL GROUP is based on referrals.   If you did not find us by referral, you are a very lucky person!  And a very Welcomed Lucky Person!   Let me make the point. 


If you had a friend or aquaintance that one day said to you,  "I have found a financial organization with courteous, well-educated professionals, that not only listened to my personal situation, but answered every question in a way that I was able to explain it to others.  I would highly suggest you call them.  It was't about what great products they have, it was about me!"  How comfortable are you working with someone that may not be working for your best interest?


 You may already have someone you are working with.  That is great.  We will work with all of your advisors.  We make sure all of your advisors are on the right page - your page and working for your best interest.  Coordination is key!


Don't hestitate to call 1.888.988.4404 and speak with one of our dedicated professionals.    Imagine that conversation!    A conversation that will introduce to you the HineSight Process - a focus on learning money strategies, not based on risk, but understanding the power of liquidity and control of your money.  You can only Gain!


It is never too late or too soon to benefit from the HineSight Process.  You could be just starting a career, a family, a business or you are retired and want to enjoy your life's endeavors.  The HineSight Process is for you!  Remember, it is not what you earn, it is what you get to keep.  The definition of Wealth is "Buying Power".


I also welcome your call and will answer it personally.  That is how strongly I know the power and effectiveness of the HineSight Process is for maximizing your wealth.  My name is Jerry Hines, the creator of the HineSight Process and owner of Hines Financial Group.  I would be my pleasure to introduce you to the HineSight Process.

Call me on my cell at:




NOT ONLY MY STAFF, BUT I, TOO, WOULD BE HAPPY TO speak with you and ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS about the HineSight Process.  Your time is valuable and so is mine.  I promise that you will experience a shift, change, a "wow moment" and claim "Why isn't anyone else sharing financial strategies so simple, yet so effective?"  The HineSight Process shares with one person, one referral at a time.  The HineSight Process provides personal, hands-on education. It is fun, too!  The HineSight Process is with you and your family througout your personal financial journey. 

An education to behold and pass on; a lifetime to experience!


Gerald T. Hines






'Education for Smart Financial Decisions!"

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