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All clients have an initial meeting
with Gerald T. Hines

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Welcome to Hines Financial Group, we have over 20 years of expertise
23rd June 2017

By appointment only

All clients have an initial meeting
with Gerald T. Hines

15-566 Keaau Pahoa Rd #188-442

808-209-6263 (Hilo, Hawaii)

413-737-5550 (MA)

Create Your Financial Future

Set realistic financial goals and put them into
action with the help of Hinesight Financial.

About Hines Financial group

The word on the street is that with no risk there is no reward. At The Hines Financial Group we do not promote risk. In fact we have only one way to have your dollars work for you. That is with strong guaranteed products. Through a careful review of companies and their guaranteed products we develop strategies which allow for a steady growth and distribution for your savings.

By imploring a set of simple rules each time we develop a plan, we believe in a guarantee for all your dollars which you have entrusted us with. We are here reduce your financial risk, to increase your wealth, to increase the benefits you receive from your wealth. This is our commitment!

Life events

What’s keeping you up at night? Your child? Mortgage or debt? Family security, changing jobs? Let’s talk about it…
Learn how to prepare yourself for these events.

Questions about Money

Debts, taxes, credit cards, college funds. This is how money works for your future, your wallet and your offspring!
Information on growing capital for the future.


No matter where your retirement to takes you, learn about saving for it using Traditional and Roth IRAs.
Know more about your IRA and how to maximize it.
All you need to know about social security

Social Security

Social Security can provide you and other eligible members of your family with benefits.
Relevant information on Social Security

Helping people just like you, every day.

Why Choose Us?

We are very happy to welcome you to a better way to understand money.
The hinesight process is just the tool we need to understand how we are to buy financial products. Millions of dollars are spent and lost every day by good intending people just like you. Decisions were made with care however the evaluation or the opinion was not correct. The proper professional should be asked the proper question.

Would you agree that personal opinion from family, from friend who seems to have done well may not be the best decision?

That a trained professional, who has spent years understand on how financial decisions, impact your Wealth? A trained professional trained in the strategies needed to stop the wealth transfers within your financial model.

Strategies are the tools needed to be financially successful. Products are the vehicles that carry our wealth.
Strategies to:

  • increase your wealth
  • reduce your risk
  • increase the benefits
  • do this with no additional outlay

This is our goal.

Have your financial plan built by professional who only have your success as the goal! The Hinesight process, through the use of mathematics, allow you to, understand how the product you own works.


Now we are ready to look at other approaches toward the desired goal. Goals such as paying of the mortgage, saving for college education, or maximizing the pension benefits with your employer. Through the use of tools such as the Circle of Wealth Planning system, the proper evaluation is done for a complete understanding and a more effective financial plan. If this seems difficult, it is not.

The success of hundreds of clients allows the planners at Hinesight Financial to listen first and teach second for a complete understanding of the present position.

We review regularly for a lifetime of financial success.  We Are Looking forward to our first meeting. This website is a great place to start. Click on a LIFE EVENTS and learn today.


We have over 20 years experience providing expert financial advice.

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